NaturOli Beautiful, LLC
9299 West Olive Avenue Peoria, Arizona 85345
(623) 266-7642

Latest reviews for NaturOli Beautiful, LLC 5/5.0 stars (4 reviews)

Nancy in Essexville, MI *****
I have been using the liquid soap for a while now, I love it as it cleans well with a small amount and eliminates plastic!
Tyler in Gilbert, AZ *****
Fantastic cleansing soaps for hair and skin and great conditioning products for hair. I refuse to use anything else. They only use natural and wholesome ingredients that work. Have tried about 30 different hair and skin products and these are the best
Nancy in Essexville, MI ****
I love the shampoo, but the pump on it does not work. I see there is a top that opens on the bottle in the picture which I would like better due to the pump not working.
I also love the liquid soap nut laundry soap!
The stain remover works great too!
Beth in Deer Park, NY *****
I have been using this brand and only this brand of soap nuts for years- I am very happy with the results and I’ve been telling anyone who will listen about them. I hope they continue to provide soap nuts for many years to come because I will never go back to commercial detergent!

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