NaturOli™ | A New Radiance
A New Radiance - an observation: An interesting observation we've made is that customers are telling us of an "even-ing" of their skin tones plus elimination of splotchy discolorations that cause a prematurely aged appearance. We have noticed this on ourselves, too. The result appears to be a more radiant, youthful appearance and a "glow" to your complexion. We can't pinpoint the specific products or ingredients that seem to be causing this, however those commenting are daily users of virtually all or most of our products, and refresh with toner frequently. We will endeavor to isolate the cause of this effect and pass along anything else we hear or discover. Given all the rich, healthy ingredients that are nourishing your skin and your body is absorbing, we believe there exists a synergistic benefit that is achieved from daily use of our products. For the time being, just enjoy! We hope that you will have similar experiences that you can share with us. These reported results seem to occur quickly ? apparently within even the first week or two of regular use.