NaturOli™ | Olivander - Natural Scent
Olivander - our signature scent. It is important to note that we use the word "scent" for a specific reason. It is not a fragrance. If this sounds like semantics, let us clarify. As we will use the terms, "fragrances" are typically derived synthetically and are more akin to perfumes. "Scents" are the specific aromas of natural substances. From this, the study of aromatherapy was founded. OLIVANDER is our proprietary scent derived from natural lavender, chamomile and citrus essential oils. Being a scent, it will vary slightly from product to product, deepening upon our formulation for any given product. The aromatic qualities of OLIVANDER are calming and soothing, yet uplifting. It is neither masculine nor feminine. It has a subtle, organic aroma that we feel it is simply wonderful. We hope you do, too. However, scents, like foods, are very subjective. Therefore, unscented products are also available.