NaturOli™ | Skin Care In Tune with Mother Nature
At NaturOli, we've carefully studied all our manufacturing, bottling and packaging options. We proudly display the recycled logo whenever and wherever possible.The bottling and packaging companies are offering more and more earth-friendly options. As policy, we choose a recyclable container over cheaper synthetic alternatives. No cheap plastics or acrylics are used anywhere in our packaging. All non-glass containers are PP, PET or PETG in composition. These are all environmentally friendly, recyclable materials compatible with the natural ingredients in our skin care formulas. We've done our best to bring you natural products you'll be proud to display, plus they're good for old Mother Earth. Glass is used only when there are compatibility issues. Every gram of our paper products and packaging is fully recyclable. Furthermore, we offer a glass refund policy on all our glass bottling. We re-sterilize and refill them for future use. Your refund can be either a credit on your next purchase or we'll simply send you a check. See our glass bottle refund policy for more details. Global warming, thinning of the ozone, desalinization of the oceans and the depletion of the rain forests are just the top of a growing list of cataclysmic consequences to centuries of neglect and disregard for our world. It's no surprise that the Mother Earth is sending us a message. Do better or else. It is clear that if we don't make changes soon, the world as we know it will come to an abrupt and unhappy ending. It's time we all took the hint. Please join us in our efforts to show Mother Earth we care. It means the world to us all.