NaturOli™ | Why Online - Natural Skin Care Products
Why Online? Rarely available in stores. Our story is simply too long to be told on a label on a store shelf or by a clerk. First and foremost, we're natural skin care formulators with a mission. We strive to make a difference - to heighten knowledge, improve health, and better the quality of life. We are about more than our natural skin care products. We have a very purposeful mission. We're passionate about it. We initiate and promote greatly needed changes in the beauty industry. We're setting new and higher standards, stopping the deception that abounds, and bringing truth, honesty and integrity to where its importance appears utterly forgotten. Via direct contact with you we can accomplish our mission. We permit very limited resale and are strict in our selection criteria. We choose those that share the importance of our larger goals. Philosophical alignment is an imperative. It's not just about money. It's also about you and value. The majority of every dollar spent in a store goes to the store or many middlemen. Marketed as most products are, our formulas would become cost prohibitive for many - that would defeat that greater goal of a more informed, better, healthier future for us all.