NaturOli™ | Let's Get Real - No Hidden Ingredients - Natural Skin Care
Let's get real: If it wasn't for the inspiration of our purist friends, we wouldn't know a lot about much of what we now do. We wish we lived in a perfectly honest world. But, we don't. So, let's simply be practical - and think, really think. A tip: If we were to add an ingredient in our product that has another ingredient within it, did you know that we aren't required to list that "hidden" ingredient? Nor is any company in this multi-billion dollar industry. What do you think is really happening behind closed doors where everyone wants to convince you that their product is best? Do you really believe there are absolutely no preservatives hidden in that "natural" product? Are you refrigerating it? Does it last more than a few days or weeks? Carefully read the ingredient list on all products. Be aware of the many ways in which you can be misled. Let's allow common sense, & good judgment to be our guides. Let's think for ourselves. The most we can do is be honest. That's what we offer. That's what we believe is most important.